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Abba 2 Nite

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Abba Tribute Duo

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From the opening beats of Voulez Vous to the final notes of Thank You For The Music, Abba 2 Nite delivers a fantastic ABBA tribute show which is fully self-contained and features all of ABBA's greatest and memorable hits.


With superb live vocals and harmonies throughout and stunning replica costumes (up to six costume changes per show), Abba 2 Nite really does capture all the magic and excitement of one of the world's most successful and entertaining bands.


Whatever your needs Abba 2 Nite can ensure you have the “time of your life” at one of our not to be missed tribute shows, suitable for all types of occasions with all the glamour and glitz of the era guaranteed.





Wassef Massaad

WM-Pro Entertainment Agency

20 Bilsdale Way

Baildon, Shipley


BD17 5DG


t:  01274 589 854/580 537

m: 07984 401 460


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