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Keeping it Live! national showcases will be returning to Coventry in November 2011 and Blackpool in January 2012. Each show will be held in six sessions over three days and will have 108 performance slots.

The performance fee is £200. Each act will be entitled to a 10 minute performance.


In addition to the performance slot every artist appearing on the showcase will have their act promoted in the Artist Directory on the Keeping It Live! website for the next 12 months (click here for more details).



If you would like your act to be considered for selection for the Blackpool showcase and for an application form please call Marcus Collingbourne on  01621 785011

or alternatively fill in the email application below quoting Blackpool in the showcase box.


Please note that performance slots are limited for the showcase.

Images from  Keeping it Live!, Blackpool 2011.

Photos by Lynne Hart, Ace Of Hearts Photography

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