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Barmy Blues Brothers

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Blues Brothers tribute

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This is no ordinary tribute show.


The Barmy Blues Brothers perform a high energy fun packed hour of all your favourite Blues Brothers songs featuring Chris Bateman and Garry Desmond as those infamous trouble making brothers Jake and Elwood Blues.


Chris is better known for his one man soul show and has worked all over the world with such stars as GLORIA GAYNOR, EDWIN STARR And The REAL THING. Garry is better known for his stand up shows and comedy vocal shows and has also entertained audiences all over the world.


So what happens when you put a renowned soul singer and a professional comedian together to form a new show? You end up with a show that is fast paced energetic, has extremely strong vocals and more than a splattering of comedy.


The Barmy Blues Brothers can be booked self contained or with a full band as required.


Want your venue to experience a real party? Book the Barmy Blues Brothers Tribute today.


Steve Martin

Steve Martin Entertainments

45 Ramsgate


LN11 0NF



t: 01507 603145

m: 07540 698648


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