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Bruce Anderson

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Sensational Male Vocalist

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Bruce Anderson provides quality live stage performances across the genres from Classical to Easy Listening right through to rock , swing , classical crossover & pop.

He has been delighting his varied audiences for over 20 years and provides true quality wherever he performs.

Bruce has performed everywhere from Opera Houses to Glastonbury with Coldplay & also sang for Royalty including The Prince Of Bahrain and HRH Prince Charles.

He won the Welsh Vocalist of the Year Award in both 2001,2005 and Male vocalist of the Year 2009 award by Prince Charles.

In 2010 & 2011 he was awarded the British National Music Federation Male Vocalist of the Year Award.

Proof, if it were needed, of the increasing high regard in which he is held.


In March 2011 Bruce won the UK Vocal Entertainer Of The Year Award, something he is very proud of.


Bruce’s personality adds natural humour to his shows.

His last 3 Album’s “Sorrento”, ”Unity” & more recently in March 2012 “Hello World” have all been awarded prestigious “BBC Radio Album Of The Week”

Hello World feature’s Duets with Grammy Award Winning Soprano Rebecca Evans, Classical Crossover Star Samantha Link & Australia’s Got Talent Judges Winner Grace Bawden.


Bruce has spent 2012 working as guest vocalist on Cruise ships as well as concerts abroad and theatre performance’s in the UK.




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