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Keeping it Live!

Midlands 2013

The show

Monday 18th - Tuesday 19th March 2013



Event sponsored by Kruger Brent LLC


Keeping it Live! regretfully announce

the cancellation of their Spring Showcase


I am very sorry to have to inform you that yesterday afternoon we had to make the sad decision to cancel our Spring show in Coventry.


I apologise for the short notice but I have for the last 2 weeks been trying to pull something out of the fire, for while the level of applications have been quite good for the show since we were in Blackpool those eventually applying haven’t. I was hoping to get even one day away but unfortunately even that has not been possible.


I would like to sincerely thank not only those that applied to be on the show but also the many agents, managements and bookers that were looking forward to attending Keeping it Live! - Spring 2013.


Keeping It Live! will be returning to Coventry in November and to Blackpool in January 2013 - dates to be announced soon!