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Mike Byrne & The Sunrockers

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Rock ‘n’ Roll band

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Mike Byrne & The Sunrockers are known as one of the top authentic rock ‘n’ roll bands on the circuit travelling all over the country to play the hits of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins and a whole lot more.


With a slap bass, piano, guitar and drums, the SUNROCKERS replicate the authentic 50’s sound for the numerous theatres, holiday parks and Rock n Roll clubs they perform at while Mike with his many years in cabaret and theatre can entertain any club audience


In recent years they have appeared with Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry at the Empire Liverpool


One reviewer said;


“ if you came to this concert looking for full-bloodied rock ‘n’ roll, then the first 45 minutes were the highlight of the evening when Liverpool’s Mike Byrne & the Sunrockers stormed their way through a superb set. With the bass player frenetically slapping the double bass, Jimmy the drummer beating out ‘Peggy Sue’ on an old drum case and Mike Byrne leading the band from the front as well as excelling on the piano. This was the closest the evening got to recreating the spirit of the 50’s”


In 2010 Mike performed a Jerry lee Lewis set with James Burton, Elvis’s guitarist. James said to Mike; “If Jerry Lee could sing as well as you he would have made more money”






Jim has toured with 80’s bands ‘BLACK’ and ‘THE DARLING BUDS’




Before joining the Sunrockers he enjoyed success with the Rhythm Aces




Paul joined the Sunrockers in 2011. By day he is a sound and recording engineer


Available to play 2 X 45 minutes or a 1 hour Jerry Lee Lewis tribute show



Mike Byrne

79 Childwall Lane


L25 1PN





m: 07761 432000


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