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Keeping it Live!

The team

The compere

Tank Sherman will once again be at the helm for Keeping it Live! Tank was born in Exeter and is proud of his West Country roots - however, he has to get them dyed once a fortnight! He is a naturally funny man with a wealth of experience both as an act and as a compere and will again bring his own unique style to Keeping it Live!

The band

Keeping It Live!  will once again live up to its name and feature live backing for all the acts under the direction of Musical Director Micky Watson with the excellent musicianship of Paul Smith, Jerry Sallis and Andy Power. The boys are keen to back as many of the acts as possible so don’t hesitate to contact me should you wish to be put in touch with the MD to give your showcase set that extra something special.

We are pleased that our  crew are all top professionals in the business.  Looking after that all important sound production are Lee Beards and Russ Falcon and our Stage Manager is the big fella, Pete Lovekin ably assisted by ASM Jack Hopcroft. Paul Duffy is our lighting designer for the Coventry show while seasoned professionals from Stageworks look after our Blackpool shows. Moonstone Video will be at Keeping it Live! offering high quality, multi-camera DVD recording of the acts on stage and Trevor Buffery and Lynne Hart of Spot On Photography will be on hand for the duration of the showcases taking live show shots and ‘studio’ shots for any act performing on the show.

The crew

The organisers

Marcus Collingbourne and John Hopcroft are the driving force behind Keeping It Live!  Marcus was the event organiser of The Stage's Showcall Showcase for 15 years and John was involved in these and other productions for even longer!  Both have a wealth of entertainment knowledge and  bring that experience to Keeping It Live !



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